Now Taking Submissions

Coming Soon! 

Would you like to submit a piece for publication on this blog? I would love to share it! Your options are open- you can write about your experience with any of the topics this blog is about-> Travel, Creativity, Self Exploration, Dreams, Leaps of Faith, Following your dreams, etc. OR, You are also welcome to submit creative pieces- Poems, short stories, videos of yourself and your friends doing fun/interesting/inspiring things, even photography and artwork! Basically, anything that will help to inspire others to do things they love to do. You can even submit a video of yourself sending messages of love and encouragement to the viewers! Let your creativity guide you!

When submitting please include photos you would like in the post, as well as links to videos you would like to add. You will also need to include a introduction to yourself and the work you do, and tell us about what inspires you. You are more than welcome to include a link to your personal site or blog, and any project fundraisers platforms currently in progress (Kickstarter, Indigogo, etc)

Please send submissions to



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