My Story

Hello! My name is Corin.

I have dreamt of traveling the world since I was a teenager, though adventure as been my purpose since I could walk. Travel and adventure are my life force -my religion- while writing and video production are my passions. It is a dream of mine to someday make a living from a combination of these magical ingredients. This is the first step.

I am a creative visionary fairy out to bring inspiration and motivation to the masses! While working through my own blocks and inner gremlins and ogres, I hope to inspire movement in others. I encourage everyone to take great leaps of faith! Fear is only an illusion, and once we burst past we can see how strong and magical we truly are. I believe we are each capable of achieving our dreams. We need to learn to leap – especially- when fear consumes us. Whether we stumble, fall, or land softly, we will be moving in the direction of our deepest dreams. Even in “failure” we discover lessons in magic and acceptance, possibly even new paths toward our dreams, and we become stronger for our journey. You can never truly fail unless you quit.

I believe in each of us!

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