Invest In Art!

I am back in Vermont and without the necessary art supplies to paint my way through the darkness of winter! This week I have been commissioned to paint 5 paintings (so far) but I need the funds to pay for my supplies!

How you can help:
I am looking for two investors to lend me $50 each for up to 3 months. In return, I will commission a painting worth $75 for each investor, and advertise your website on my blog. The $50 you put forward will be returned within 3 months. It’s a win/win! I get to paint and raise money for my travels, and you get a pretty gift and free advertising- not to mention the fuzzy feeling you are left with for supporting an artist 😉 This also comes with deep gratitude, radiant love, and super awesome karma!

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support! ~Corin

Editors note: I have been contacted by two investors, and will begin the process shortly. Stay tuned to my blog for photos and updates!

***The following are photos of paintings that have already been sold to loving homes! This is my second full collection sold.


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