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Dream Job, Dream Life

Have you ever wanted something so badly you froze in your tracks unable to move forward? This happens to me on a regular basis. I have come to accept that this is an integral part of my process. I trust that in a matter of minutes/hours/days I will burst forward from this place to achieve my goals with enthusiasm, precision, and even stronger and wiser than before.

At first, I thought this process sprung from fear and perfectionism, but it’s more like a simmering process. I throw all of my ideas, fantasies, wishes and desires into the pot of  my subconscious, occasionally adding a spice or two and letting it simmer. I wait for my inner timer to tell me it’s time to move forward, and then there’s no turning back. I find a focus that only comes from doing what I truly adore, reffered to by many as “the zone” or “flow.” I don’t even look up until the project is complete, and when it is, I am filled to the brim with happiness, and a fulfillment that can only come from chasing your dreams.

Currently, I am applying for a job with a company that combines all of my passions: Travel, volunteering, mentoring, inner work and reflection, outdoor adventure tours, and working with first time travelers. This particular position has the added bonus of traveling to the south pacific, a region of the world in which I have experience and a deep interest in regards to the indigenous population. I studied cultural anthropology for several years and after living in Hawaii, and traveling Australia and New Zealand, I have developed a deep love and appreciation for the indigenous cultures of that area- and I want to learn more!

This is my dream job, and I can say with absolute certainty there is not a soul in this world who wants this more than I do. It just feels right. Everything in my life has led me to this point: assisting and mentoring with Sark, working at a new age store for 5 years, my time at Kripalu Yoga Retreat and Omega Institute, working as an island tour guide and sea kayak guide in Hawaii, living in hostels, travel, writing, peer mentoring, personal application of meditation and non-violent communication, my personal projects such as Dream Leapers and TravelBug Productions, heck- even just living in Vermont. My very path has been building me up for this, the next step in the incredible journey of my life.

I am still in the simmering portion of this great path toward an incredible opportunity. I have so many ideas and so much inspiration and excitement about having the opportunity- just knowing this job exists fills me with magic and sunshine. I have a long road ahead of me, which an intensive application process followed by the excruciating waiting game. In the end, just having the opportunity to apply, and knowing that I am on a path in life that brings me face to face with my dreams leaves me feeling grateful and proud of my accomplishments. It’s not always easy to follow the path of uncertainty, but I have found it to be rewarding, and I look forward to what my future brings!

Tell me in the comments below!

Tell me in the comments below!

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