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5 Reasons to Buy Handmade This Holiday Season

 5. Made with love- Why pour hard-earned money into something mass-made by a machine, packed and shipped by a machine when you can purchase a gift that was conceived, created, packaged, and sent by the same person? That person knows they are accountable for your satisfaction, and that product represents the pride they take in their work. Try getting that kind of care when you’re caller number 231 on hold with customer service!

4. Local Economy- In the day and age of bank bailouts, and politicians under the thumb of corporations, a resurgence of local economic strength has been surfacing! Think about it: community gardens, mom & pop shops, farmer’s markets and local art festivals are all gaining momentum as the new generations attempt to unplug from the masses and reconnect with the tactile & the local. When you pay an artist for their work, you are enabling that person to keep their money in the local community and out of the pockets of billionares who are not always concerned about your safety and satisfaction.

3. One-of-a-Kind!- Instead of waiting in line to buy another thing that 20,000 other people bought this Christmas/Hanukkah, why not get someone a one-of-a-kind piece? Sometimes you can even personalize the gifts by directly contacting the artist, another bonus!

2. Eco-friendly- Instead of buying something from your typical “box store” where packages are wrapped in more packages, you can buy from an artist and have direct contact and knowledge about their practices and materials. Artists often work in small-scale production, where they likely control their overhead as much as possible by using the least amount of materials. Bonus: you can specifically choose an artist who upcycles, uses found materials, or contributes to environmental causes!

1. You’re making someone’s dreams come true!- Any artist of any kind will tell you they are one, because they don’t know what else they’d be! Just as mechanics and doctors deserve to live off their talents and training, artists, too, are attempting to carve out a life for themselves doing something they absolutely love. How much more of a win-win could it be, to support someone’s dream and giving your loved ones a unique gift as well!

Article by Jamee Varda          of Iris and Alice 








Be sure to check out Iris and Alice on Etsy as well as her website

A hand painted tea cup with hand made organic tea bags by Iris and Alice



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