Committing to My Dreams

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you couldn’t focus on anything else? Most times you become filled with an intoxicating ecstatic excitement that bubbles up flows over- just like the feeling you got when you were 16, and in love for the first time. Other times you become sick with worry for this dream, and whether or not you will be able to capture it and hold it close against your face- just like when you were 16 and in love for the first time. Then there are those moments when your dream looks your way, and gives you a smile- you instantly forget the fear and worry and push forward to take that leap.

I am in that space. Right now. As I type. My dream has smiled at me, and I know I have every chance of achieving it. All I have to do is continue to move forward. My dream of world travel, writing, film production. My dreams of meeting inspiring people from all over the world, and bringing their stories to life to share through my own artistic mediums. These things are not only possible, they are happening.

I have been working very hard for the last two years on a project that is very dear to me. I have pursued it with every ounce of my being. I’ve pursued it timidly, I’ve pursued it aggressively, I’ve pursued it with determination and sometimes trepidation- but not once have I given up out of despair, fear, or worry that I would never accomplish it. As long as one moves forward, one will accomplish all they have ever dreamed. Every obstacle put in front of me is nothing but an opportunity to become stronger and wiser. It is an opportunity to achieve.

It is true that I still have a TON of work to do on this project, and I sadly cannot share much with you at the moment (though if you read back through my posts, you could probably piece some of it together). But I do know, without a shadow of doubt, this project will have life. It will have abundance. It will reach far and wide to bring inspiration to many people. Perhaps these claims seem a bit overzealous, but I am SO IN LOVE with this dream of mine, and I will not stop short of my vision. <— This is how I know dreams come true.

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One thought on “Committing to My Dreams

  1. Keep going Corin! I know how it feels to pursue a dream and go through all those feelings. I wish you could share more but I understand. Dreams must be protected from the naysayers and doubters. Looking forward to further developments 🙂

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