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The Path Less Traveled

I have three TRUE passions in my life: Travel, Writing, and Film Production. I guess you could even say there are five, as passion and creativity are in and of themselves passions of mine. I greatly enjoy exploring the creative realm, and learning where people find motivation to push forward and achieve their goals in life, even if the path is a scary one.

Last September I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine. We were discussing our dissatisfactions with our lives. “Why on earth and I working so hard to do something I am not even interested in?” She asked me. For weeks I could not get this question out of my head. I see people do this all of the time. It was oddly commonplace. I had reached that point myself, and the monotony was killing me. I could feel something creative and alive deep inside of me, just waiting to escape. I was going crazy. If I wanted sanity, I had to do what seemed insane.

All I have ever wanted to do is travel, write, and maybe someday, have my own travel show. “Pipe dreams.” I told myself. People don’t offer people like me book deals or TV spots. In that moment, I was correct. “People like me” were people who didn’t do anything about their dreams aside from suppressing them. The only way I could achieve my goals, was taking the path less traveled- the scary one. The path with absolutely no guarantee or safety net. So I quit school- and purchased a one way ticket to Hawaii.

In the months leading to my departure, i scoured the internet for TV shows or documentaries about people who had taken leaps of faith like I was doing- hoping to find comfort in the idea that someone had succeeded before me in the darkness of the unknown. I found nothing. I wanted something that would give me inspiration, motivation, ideas- something that would give me hope and a push out of the door into the unknown. I was groping in the darkness, and I needed even just a little bit of light, just a little bit of hope.

It became apparent to me that it was time to step out onto the edge of the unknown, spread my wings, and dive head first into my dreams.

From that ledge, I came up with an idea to combine all of my dreams and passions into ONE large creative project. I have created a project that helps bring light, love, and motivation to people who are fumbling in the darkness for even just a flicker of hope. I have created a project that can help to wake people out of the monotony of their daily lives, and give them encouragement to explore their creative dreams.

This project, which I have named “The Dream Leapers Project” will take me around the word- meeting and interviewing different people from different cultures and backgrounds, all with the same achievement: they took a chance on themselves and on their dreams. They took the path less traveled, braving self doubt, outside criticism, and an uncertain outcome. I want to share their stories to help inspire others to achieve their own dreams.

How you can help:

*I am looking for people from the areas of New England, The Bay Area in California, Hawaii, and Australia who have taken taken a leap of faith and achieved a creative goal or dream. If you or someone you know has done this and would like to participate, please fill out the submission form below, or email me at writetocreate@hotmail.com and tell me about your story. If possible, please attatch a photo of yourself working in your creative element. If chosen, I will feature you in my show, and use your photo for the promotional spot for the fundraising promotional video. Please be sure that you have the ability to permit my use of the photo you provide.

*If you have a moment and would like to support me and my project/creative dream further, please post this to your social networking site or blog, and help me get the word out!

*You can also donate by clicking on the PayPal button to the right of the screen.

**Please be aware that any contributions made directly to my site will go to funding “The Dream Leapers Project” and cannot be applied to any future fundraising rewards.

I have so much love and gratitude for you all! My friends, family, mentors, audience, and fellow bloggers. If it were not for your continuous love and support, I would not have the strength and courage to carry out my wildest of dreams. I love you all!

Thank you so much ❤


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