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A New Addition!

I have become a MOM! Yes, Little Miss I-Will-Never-Have-Children is now a proud mother. After an entire summer of (forgive the pun) hounding my boyfriend for a puppy, my wishes were granted.

On August 31st, Jens and I drove 4 hours south to Osby in Skåne, Sweden to pick up Tesla, our 8 week old Danish-Swedish Farm dog.  We had been waiting for 4 weeks for him to be of age, and we were beside ourselves with excitement.

We’d been toying around with the idea of getting a dog, and looking into what breed would be best for us. I wanted a black lab or a dachshund, Jens wanted a Jack Russell- we both hated the others breed choice. Jens pointed out a lab would be too big for our house, and he used to have a neighbor with dachshunds who barked a lot. I had an aunt with an obnoxious Jack Russell (the damn thing broke my lava lamp when I was 16- not cool.)

I finally reached the point however, where I would have even taken a Mexican Hairless (actually, I have met one since, and they are actually quite cute) so I told Jens to make his choice- as long as it was a puppy and cute. One day while on the ferry ride home from the islands, we spoke with the proud owners of a dansk-svensk gårdshund- a Danish-Swedish Farmdog. This dog was old and slow, but they had nothing but good things to say about the breed.

DSF are highly active and eager to play. They are fast, agile, and intelligent which makes them great for farms where they will be around large animals. They are also great on sailboats. Many people have told us they “want to do the right thing” for their pack. They have great personalities and are incredibly loyal and friendly.  They are natural cuddle-bugs and enjoy burrowing under blankets to curl up at your feet.

They had Jens at “intelligent sailors”, and me at “cuddling foot-warmers.” One night Jens and I were “just looking” at the puppy ads and happened to find a breeder in Skåne who was selling DSF puppies for nearly half the price of other breeders. We later found out these puppies did not have the proper papers to be show dogs- a very popular (and prideful) use of the breed here in Sweden. Jens and I didn’t care about papers- we just wanted  a little fuzz-bucket to love. So we called. They had one left. I told Jens the decision was his to make. 4 weeks later, we picked up the newest addition to our family!

Here is a little “coming out” video for our dear Tesla! I hope you enjoy it 😀 And stay tuned for more stories about life as a puppy-mom. They are quite interesting indeed.


4 thoughts on “A New Addition!

  1. Congratulations! Tesla is so cute! Reminds me of our Pete 🙂 The breed sounds like him too, only he’s an English Pointer. Awww, love is a warm puppy 🙂

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