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Busy Bee!

What a busy couple of weeks it has been! I have much to write and share with you all, including my piece on Cafe Gula Huset, which was meant to be posted weeks ago- my apologies for this.

What have we been up to? Well, there are the renovations on the house! Jens began the tedious task several weeks ago of re-doing our front hall. Where once was a dark linoleum hallway, we now have hardwood floors and beautiful white tile inlay. We have begun tearing down the wall paper, so it looks like the entrance has been brutally attacked by some kind of angry, large-clawed animal. We will fix that after we put in the window and new door.

Next, we have been visiting friends, family, and finalizing my residency here in Sweden. I’ve been for photos, fingerprints, and filled out numerous pages of information to send in. Each time we wait for several weeks, I receive a new letter, visit a new office, and repeat the same process. I have begun looking for a job, and will be able to apply once I receive my insurance and banking confirmations. I will also begin my Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) program in the fall, and will hopefully be speaking some Swedish by Christmas.

Last week we took a 5 day road trip across Norway, visiting a few of Jens’ friends, and my friend Sunny along the way. It was fantastic and I will be writing an entry soon. Norway is an incredible country. I also saw my first and second concert with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (will alsobe writing about this soon) and will be hosting a friend from France this week. SO- there will be lots to read about in the coming weeks- stay tuned 😀

A little teaser from Norway!


2 thoughts on “Busy Bee!

    • YES! I am *hoping* to get a job at a hostel or something in the Gothenburg area. Fingers crossed. I would LOVE to work in a hostel again- maybe even own one someday 😀

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