Living the Dream!

Ahhhhh! It has finally happened. I am living the life of my dreams! The writers life! I have all the time in the world to do what I love to do: write! And travel! 

So what does this mean, exactly? What exactly does a writers life look like? Well, this is what I have imagined for the last 25 years: Sitting at my computer everyday, pouring my brilliance and elegant prose onto the page, deeply moving and inspiring all those who were lucky enough to read it. I would be alone in a cabin (naturally), books stacked up around me (my own books, of course), and planning my next world book tour. I would have the coolest and most efficient publicist ever, who would work solely with me, and we would travel the world together promoting my books and going on adventures.

Yes. This is how I imagined life would be as a “writer.” As the years wore on, I of course learned better. As I began to write, I realized a writers life can be a bit torturous at times. I often question my decision to choose such a life, but I do not dwell on it. I have much work to do. I know that before I get any writing done I will have many hours of procrastination before any work is actually achieved.

While I do live in a cabin in the forest by a lake, I have no books, no world tour, and no publicist. I have to force myself to sit down at the computer to write, and even then, I have to struggle with myself to not get lost in the black hole of cyber world on the way to my blog. Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter- I have so many traps along the way, and I have to continuously redirect my attention.

Once I actually make it to my blog, I have to think about what I will write. Sometimes I already have a topic, but have to get past my inner critics in order to focus and write anything. Other times- such as today- I have to come up with a topic on the spot. I don’t want to let my work slip into the dark abyss of the inactive blogosphere, but Hell, what is there to write about!? This morning, while sitting at my computer, it hit me. I am living my dream. Finally! I am living the life of a writer. A true writer! Despite the fear, writers block, inability to focus and tendency to procrastinate- and I found this incredibly inspiring. It may not look exactly like what I expected, and it may be difficult, infuriating, and frustrating at times, but I am doing it! And that’s pretty exciting.

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