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Jens and I took an overnight trip sailing through the rocky seas of the Swedish West Coast. It was so beautiful. I am always taken aback by the number of rocks that pop up out of the water in random spots- like the backs of giant hump back whales breaching all around us. They are often covered in a bright yellow moss that creates the illusion that their surface is glowing in the sunlight. The water is a beautiful teal-green, and as you can see in the photos below, are filled with feathery seaweed. I wouldn’t swim in it, but I am deeply inspired by the way it looks- so colorful and textured.

The sailing part is always nice too. It used to scare me a little, but I am becoming more comfortable with it as time wears one. I have become quite fascinated with sitting on the bow of the boat, with wind and water in my face. This is also the best place to battle sea sickness- sitting still, all the fresh air you can use, and both eyes on the horizon. This even helps me to get over “life sickness”, when I am feeling down about myself or feeling still and stagnant in life. Fresh air, and a steady eye on the horizon always helps as I move forward past the feeling of illness.

I think I will paint that seaweed. I am feeling quite inspired now 😀

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