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An American Holiday in Sweden

AH! I’ve done it. I have created my second Video Travel Blog! It’s getting better, and I am having fun- which is the most important part, of course. On Wednesday, I realized it was actually the 4th of July. This being the first American holiday (and one I normally spend with 300 of my closest relatives) away from home, I was feeling a bit homesick. Until I realized that we had already scheduled a barbecue with a few friends of ours. I decided to add a few American flourishes, and turned it into an impromptu 4th of July celebration (with a few Swedish twists) The following video is what ensued…


3 thoughts on “An American Holiday in Sweden

  1. hahahaha ooohmygod i love that video…and am so jealous of your house/property! it looks so amazingly beautiful and you have such a talented man (wild mushrooms?!). one year i’ll have to come visit you. i have Colombia and Germany in my queue already so we may have to wait a while though.. boo…

    • Yaayyyy! Thanks love! And Germany is not too far away. I could come visit you, or you could get a cheap flight on Ryanair and come stay a few nights here 😀 Anything is possible while traveling in the EU! Miss your face…

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