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Settling In

I have been in Sweden now for 4 full days, and I am settling in quite nicely. That said, I have been spending most of my time sleeping. With the exception of course being Saturday when Jens was home from work all day. He is a very busy and focused man, the opposite to my “take it as it comes” laid back nature mixed with pretty severe (and untreated) ADD. It is good being around this man, as he gives me an outlet for my energy, what with following him around all day, in a sad attempt to keep up with his tasks. He does motivate me to get things done, though. This is a great aspect of our relationship, as I generally have a hard time completing tasks on my own. He’s a pretty good influence on me 🙂

We spent Saturday working around the yard and garden. It’s probably the most manual work I have done all year. After planting some more potatoes, building a raised bed for thyme, 3 different kinds of basil and some other herbs I couldn’t translate, we raked and weeded the yard, and set off for the växthuseffekten (greenhouse) to purchase more plants, flowers, soil and pots. We returned home, planted all of our new plants and flowers, re-potted half of the house plants, and finally came inside for lunch… at 11am. Yes. 11am. As in the time I normally wake up back home. In the matter of a week, I have changed time zones and lifestyle. I feel like I am more shocked at my ability to wake up at 5am than I am about my new cultural surroundings.

I am in no way complaining. In the last few days I have started writing more, exercising, gardening, and making far more progress on my personal projects than ever. This is a very welcomed change to my lifestyle, and I hope to keep it up as long as humanly possible. I am feeling incredibly inspired, healthy, and alert. A far cry from the times I woke up late and relied on coffee fumes to keep me going all day. I think this Swedish lifestyle will be good for me 😀

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3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Corin this is amazing! Enjoy your new life and time over seas….5 am isn’t that bad, my days usually start around 4!

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