Fitness Fun!

My move to Sweden is certainly a life altering event. I have no doubt this experience will change me in many positive ways, but I am looking forward to one big change specifically.

Ask any traveler to the United States what they are looking forward to the least on their travels, and they will immediately tell you it’s the extra baggage they will be carrying home with them. I’m not talking backpacks or suitcases, I am referring to the souvenir that comes in pudgy form: a few extra kilo packed on from fine American dining.

Now, I am not necessarily blaming my culture for the extra pounds I’ve packed on in the last few years, although it certainly has an affect. I am well aware that poor eating habits and lack of a workout routine (and motivation to build one) has aided in my weight gain. What I am looking forward to is less options for junk food, more options for fresh veggies and healthy foods, smaller portion sizes, a boyfriend who supports me in my efforts, and a whole lot of time to be filled with that brand new workout routine I have fashioned for myself!

While in Hawaii this winter, I discovered I actually like to run. Jens lives in a nice little town full of quiet back roads and scenic views- perfect for a new and slightly insecure runner. I also hope to get a bike as well, and will plan a few bike trips each week into Gothenburg while Jens is at work- a great day trip, and a wonderful way to explore the city. I also have a plethora of other work out routines planned, some of which include hula hooping, jump roping, a “Trance Dance” dvd by Shiva Rae (which will be fun with the full projector screen!) and hopefully bouncing on a trampoline (if I can convince my lovely to invest in one).

My ultimate plan to getting fit: HAVING FUN! Play is an incredibly underrated form of fitness training for adults. Not to mention a stress reducer, as well as imagination builder. I don’t know about you, but I don’t give a hoot about calories when I am laughing and jumping around like a fool. I love it! And there is no better way to get fit than to do things that make you laugh- elevate those endorphins!

So- join me on this journey as well! It will certainly be a trip!

*I am not doing this because I hate the way I look. This is a really great revelation, actually. I just spent about 45 minutes looking for a photo of myself that shows my current physical codition, and I was thinking the whole time: I really like the way I look. I am not doing this to change me- I am doing this to be a healthier version of me. I do not want to set a goal for looks- I want to set a goal for health.

And to give you an example of what I will be doing, alone in my living room, in the middle of no-where Sweden, I present to you: A clip from Shiva Rae’s Trance Dance workout video (peyote not included) :


2 thoughts on “Fitness Fun!

  1. I love this, and totally agree about having fun! My sisters and I used to daydream together about playgrounds that were big (and sturdy) enough for adults!!

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