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Fashioning Your own Fun

I completely understand that traveling rarely becomes boring, but here’s a great way to get to know new people, have some fun, and see a new city in a really fun way: Organize a scavenger hunt.

Here’s what you do: Find a group of people (this is pretty easy in a hostel) roughly 8-10, and write a list of challenges. This could be anything fun and silly, but be sure to respect local cultures and customs- we do not want to offend or harass. Assign each challenge a number of points- the more embarrassing or difficult the challenge, the more points (1-100 points) Split up into small groups 4-5 people per group is perfect. Give yourself a time limit- roughly 2-3 hours. Assign a time/point keeper and a videographer to document the challenges, and set off on your adventure!

I like to use challenges that are interactive with the community: Gain signatures on a fake petition, sing happy birthday to a stranger (extra points if it really is their birthday), ask a different strangers to marry you until someone says “yes”, get an autograph from a celebrity look alike, etc. Remember to respect people, if they do not want to participate, do not badger them. Make sure to list more challenges than you could possibly accomplish- this ensures there will be a winner, whether for glory or beer or pizza- you decide 😀 When you are finished, you can put together a fun video montage of your scavenger hunt like this one I made:

Enjoy! 😀


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