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A Mild Obsession…

For the last few months or so, I have noticed these photos popping up in my news feed on Facebook. I liked the filters used, but there was something about the frequency in which they showed up that sort of annoyed me a little. They seemed a bit hipsterish and pretentious. Even the name- Instagram- was a word that felt too trendy for my own comfort. Yet, I still wondered what the hype was all about.

My curiosity started to get the better of me when I noticed an article in the paper about the developers. They had become millionaires with a simple application, and only a few months worth of work. Wow- that’s pretty impressive. There must be something to this Instagram thing.

My curiosity turned on me one day after a guest here at the hostel recommended trying it.

I did.

Now I am hooked. I can’t get enough. I find myself looking for cool photos that can be made even cooler with old fashioned filters and artsy borders. I check it nearly as often as I check my Facebook, and I am constantly looking for photos to transform. I am mostly excited to use this as a way to spice up my mobile photos I gather on my travels. I will be sure to post them here to this blog, for you lovely folks to check out. And if you want to follow me on Instagram, my screen name is Dreamleapers 😀

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