The Itch

So I have learned I have a roughly 5-6 month window before I need a change in scenery. After about 4 months I start to get into a routine, which is fine for a few weeks- it even feels comfortable and nice. But after several months a routine become monotonous, and I find myself chomping at the bit to find another adventure. Even more than just another adventure, I find myself needing to get away.

The last week I have been feeling the itch- and bad. Some call it “island fever”, the feeling of being stuck or stranded. For me, this happens even when I am on the mainland, so I know it’s more than just simple island fever. I have been battling these feelings in several ways: 1- hiding in my “cave.” The bottom bunk is a great place to hide from everyone. I can put sheets and towels around, shove some ear buds in my ears and hang out with the cast of How I met Your Mother on Netflix. The other way is getting as far away from familiarity as possible- leaving the hostel, meeting new people and going on adventures. The latter of course being the most healthy of the two, generally takes a bit more effort.

So far, the adventures have proven to be the most beneficial to my general mindset, but it certainly makes it harder to get up in the mornings, as the exhaustion makes me want to sleep in. Wednesday I went to North Shore with a van full of lovely people from the Polynesian Hostel. I have done this trip a hundred times, but this was the first one I was not leading myself. I was able to enjoy the trip without worrying about keeping track of people or time, and I quite enjoyed myself. Not to mention the wonderful gifts I received from the ladies at Ted’s Bakery and from Kathy’s roadside fruit stand. As a going away gift, the women at Ted’s brought me a giant cookie with the word “Aloha” written across, and Kathy made me a lovely fruit basket filled with her organic tropical fruits.

I was so honored and thankful for the delicious gifts, and it made me feel so appreciated. It feels really nice to know that I made such an impression on these wonderful women, even when I made their jobs a little more stressful with the loads of people I would bring in. I will certainly miss their smiling faces, and hope to keep in touch with all of them.

Yesterday was a “cave day.” I wasn’t feeling so well anyway, so I spent the whole day horizontal and in a Netflix induced coma. I watched an entire season of How I Met Your Mother, and 2 feature length movies. The day was fairly uneventful- except for the most insanely delicious organic pineapple I devoured from my basket- that was an event in and of itself. YUM. I went to bed way too late, and was awoken by my sister this morning.

“Are you going on the East Side tour today?” My sister Amber asked me after jabbing me really hard in the shoulder blade with her suntan lotion. I gave her a grumpy and groggy “No.” before rolling back over. Sigh. I knew I should go. I knew I would regret staying and I would achieve nothing that day if I did not go. I also wanted to spend time with Amber as I am down to mere months before my departure for Sweden. I got up and got ready, and made my way to the van. Sure enough- it was a great day. A small, but nice group, and a trip that left us all dragging by the end. I could barely muster the strength to walk around the corner for a burger once we got back- which says a lot, as I was starving.

We rented a car for tomorrow, and plan to drive around to parts of the island Amber and a few other guests have not seen yet. I am very excited to be out on our own, taking our time, and making our own path through the island. We plan to visit the Byodo-in Temple in Koneohe, and Chinaman’s Hat. We will likely stop for shrimp at Giovanni’s shrimp truck, and stop at some beaches I have yet to visit myself. Hopefully this will calm “the itch” a bit, and keep me from going completely mad. Four days and counting until we leave the island. California next. I deeply look forward to sharing my travels with you all 😀


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