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Let the Madness Begin!

It has all become very real with my visa recently processed and accepted- a lot sooner than expected, which was nice. I wish I could just up-and-go now. I miss Jens, the house, and the local stray cat I “adopted” (I call him Klaus Kitty). That said- I have so much to prepare before my big move. Jens and I were hoping the visa would be accepted by July at the latest. I was planning to move just after the Fourth of July festivities at my parents home in Vermont. It all seemed so far away- now it seems so soon!

I leave the lovely islands of Hawaii in 8 days. Before then I have to edit at least 4 videos for the hostel, organize, pack and send my things back to Vermont, visit with friends, and start making plans for what I will do when I return home. I will need to find a way to work and save money for my move. Honestly, all I want to do is paint and enjoy myself before I leave. The thought of getting a job that takes up time I could be spending with friends and family is excruciating. I have no idea when I will see anyone again, but I cannot show up to Sweden with empty pockets- so I must find a way.

Two months now seems like two days to me. It will go by so fast. While I am excited, as this means I will finally see my love again, I am worried about how I will be able to work, save money, organize my move, and spend enough quality time with my family and friends before I leave. I guess the stress of it all is hitting me now. I am starting to worry and fret over the small things. This is a really tough part of the transition. Things are happening, but not happening. Everything is in the air, and now I just go with the flow- but not knowing how things will turn out, or how to control them (or if I will even have control)- that is driving me crazy.

So- I am taking suggestions. What should I do to raise money for my trip, and still be able to hang out with friends and loved ones? All suggestions welcome (except for the ones that involve pimps…) ;-D

This is exactly what I feel like in this moment… 


One thought on “Let the Madness Begin!

  1. Two months will go by fast!! You’re so awesome, though, for taking the plunge… And did I read it right? You’re relocating for love? What better reason?? Hmm..extra money… What about tutoring? Lots of final exams are coming up… That’s just what I can come up with b/c I’m a teacher. Waiting tables? Spring is here, lots of people are going out these days. Anyway, good luck!

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