Dream Leapers

I woke up early today to watch the sunrise over Diamond Head Crater. To my surprise, the sun actually arose from a bit further East than expected, and although it was pretty, I still felt like something was missing. It was completely anticlimactic. The morning became a bit more promising when I met Steve, also known to many locals as “Bird Man”

At first, I thought Steve was a little crazy, out there on the pier, Wonder bread in his left hand, a McDonald’s coffee in his right. He sipped his steaming brew as roughly 40 birds battled for nibbles of the stale white slices in his hand. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind me getting some shots with my video camera. “It’s more of a rehabilitation project for the birds” he explained. Sure, I thought. These “rats with wings” could use a little Wonder bread. Most of them…

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