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Finding The Flow

ANOTHER PERFECT DAY!!! I found my creative flow! You know that feeling, when you get working, and time just seems to stand still? I spent the day in Gothenburg, floating around from Cafe to trendy Cafe, drinking coffee and smoothies, and reading, writing, and editing my day away. Along with a creative leap, I have found myself in a whole knew skin. I am starting to find my rhythm and flow. No longer am I struggling against the current of my own resistance. I have learned to honor and respect the parts of me that are crying for attention.
There was a time when I would at least attempt to resist the urge to sit around all day and rest, watch movies and snack. Eventually I would give in and “waste” my day away with “mind numbing” films that would cause Gene Siskel to roll over in his grave. My inner critics would take over, pestering me with judgments and suggestions about things I should be doing, and keeping perfect track of the time I was wasting. Finally, after grappling with depression for several days, and almost failing miserably, I put those critics to rest, telling myself that I needed to settle in, sleep off my jet lag, and get used to my new surroundings. I told myself “it” would just come to me, in some AHA! moment, whatever “it” was.

I’ll be damned, it actually did. This of course, surprised even me, as I was convinced I was just telling myself that lie to feel OK about sitting around doing nothing. But damn! One morning I woke up, and wanted to write. My writing gave way to some work on my current project. Work on my current project turned into more writing, more idea generating, and more restful nights. (By the way, if you feel you are missing what this “project” is that I keep mentioning- do not worry- I have not yet released any details. Soon though, very soon!)
This has continued with only a few lulls here and there over the last two weeks. Lulls that I welcomed with open arms, and nourished back to health, rather than batter and criticize. And today, I finally found my flow. That blissful feeling where time stops around you. Voices disappear, and you are left completely alone with your own miraculous and creative thoughts and ideas. You are able to get much accomplished in a short period of time. By the time you realize it, several hours have passed by, and you hardly noticed.
I felt so inspired after this bout of creativity, that I finished more than half of the pre-production I have been meaning to get to for the last three weeks. I have made a HUGE creative leap in my project, finding substance for a piece that had originally felt bland and flat. This idea, is without a doubt, the ticket to the success of my project and my own personal creative dream. I would not have made it this far without belief and patience with my Self. What a wonderful feeling this is. I cannot wait to share this with you all.
Please feel free to leave comments below about your own creative processes and what inspires YOU! :-D

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